Storage and Control of Cargo at the Bonded Terminal-Warehouse

  • Storage of food products is allowed only at the warehouses approved by Veterinary Service Authorities.

    The entire VIGOLIN Ltd. warehouse complex has been authorized for storage of food products since
    the year 2002.

    Our warehouses fully meet the veterinary and sanitary requirements.
    Condition of the warehouses is annually checked by a veterinary inspector followed by a statement on the sanitary condition of the warehouses.
    The certified pest control company carries out control of pests in the warehouses once a month.
    The Customs Authorities do the stock check 1-2 times a year.

    All plant cargoes are subject to control by the Plant Production Inspectorate which issues a statement of inspection for every parcel of the cargo arrived at the warehouse. Based on this statement of inspection a
    re-export certificate is issued upon despatch of the cargo.

    The bonded warehouse bears the responsibility for safety of the cargo before the cargo owner.
    Therefore, stock-taking is made weekly at all our warehouses.
    The warehouses are sealed at the non-working time.