Forwarding and Logistics

  • Logistics is many-sided. It is an art of calculations, discussions, supply and control.
    The ability to use all details of this art and many years experience is a key role of our success.
    VIGOLIN acting as a coordinator and having a developed infrastructure unites different kinds of logistics, as transport, warehousing, commercial and information logistics.
    Using the main service criteria, i.e. proper work and maximum benefit for all parties of the process, we offer our clients the best logistics solutions.
    We use full range of corporative means, as:

    • Strict system of regulation of information and material resources;
    • Efficient system of planning current work;
    • Planning of deliveries and quantities for storage;
    • Reduction of costs for transportation due to maximum payload of a transport vehicle;

    We always take into consideration individual requirements of our clients and kind of cargo.
    Our employees are ready to assist you in choice of the route of cargo delivery and kind of storage.
    We offer different ways of delivery including transportation by sea, railway and motor transport using full range of own and rented customs warehouses.
    We arrange all steps of cargo movement from a producer to a consignee, i.e. "DOOR TO DOOR" delivery.

    At the request of a client we can assist in paper work including reports on quality and quantity of cargo, issuance of certificates meeting the current customs requirements in Estonia and Russia, consultations and preparation of accompanying documents.

    Using own, well-equipped customs warehouses and ordinary warehouses for storage of cargo we offer our clients different ways of work with cargo.
    Our stevedores unload and load containers, trucks, railway wagons.

    All the deliveries we do are covered by the forwarder's responsibility insurance.